I put a lot of effort and time in, but I put together a reasonably good site design for the Sanctuary Crew. It’s live right now, though it’s a bit bare of content for the moment.

It amuses me to no end that the base template that I heavily reworked is of the same lineage as the template I’m using here. A fork of a fork of a fork, as it were.

I’ve learned enough from the process that I may end up making some adjustments to this site design at some point soon. Definitely not immediately, though– I’ve had more than enough deep-diving into this subject for the moment! Besides, I’ll still need to make adjustments to the SC site as I find bugs. I’m certain bugs WILL pop up. I found and fixed one tonight already, in fact.

The really neat thing about the new SC site is the method of publishing: it’s all automated building through a Git repository and hooks. This makes it possible to back up the site via each contributor.

This did put me off MAME work for two days, so I guess I should take a little time to get caught up on that tomorrow morning.

Setting up both PowerShell and Zsh with Git repo monitoring has certainly made my life a bit easier. I don’t think I could go back to basic Bash now, despite using it for years.

— Firehawke