Control Options:

  • While a number of the Arcade Archives releases have turbo mode (rapid button press), some of them also have multiple speeds and can be set differently on different mapped buttons. This can be useful for games where optimal button mashing differs depending on the effect you’re looking for. In the case of Trigon/Lightning Fighters, maximum turbo speed can actually induce slowdown in some parts of the game.
  • Some games allow mapping of rotary joystick (handle twists for changing aim direction, commonly used by SNK and Data East) to the right analog stick as well as to dedicated turn-left/turn-right buttons.

Region Selection:

  • Many of the Arcade Archives releases allow direct switching between the US/World and Japanese versions of the games. Salamander/Life Force contains both versions of Life Force (which play considerably differently) as well as Salamander.
  • The ones that don’t have alternate regions direct selectable frequently allow region changing by loading the game from a different region account on the console. (e.g. start it from a Japanese region account on your US PS4 or Switch and it’ll show the Japanese version instead of the US one.)


  • Gradius has a secret unlockable Bubble System variant
    • Load the Japanese version 5 times, the US version 7 times, and then the European version 3 times.
  • Several Arcade Archives releases respond to the Konami Code at the main title.
    • The code is the standard variation of ⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️, and then the last two buttons are SNES/Nintendo Switch-style 🇧, 🇦 positions. On PlayStation, that would be ❌ then ⭕.
    • Some of the games have a music box for the use of the code.
      • Contra, Gradius 2, and Thunder Cross play the entire game OST like a music box.
      • Gradius and Salamander will play an unused track from the arcade board.
      • Gradius 3 plays one track from the game.
    • Some of the games change region or add secret variations of the game.
      • Flak Attack/MX5000 gives the alternate region version of the game (Japanese for US downloaded ACA version and vice-versa.)