Firehawke is best described as a jack of all trades. He has a wide range of interests across a nearly infinite number of fields, but can’t be said to be truly an expert in much of anything.

He has been into emulation since the early 1990s and has been involved in the community support side of emulation since that time. He joined MAMEdev in late 2013. He’s officially retired due to health reasons, but still does a lot of work on MAME-related projects as time and health allows.

Firehawke is very open about his health. His particular set of issues include depression, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, ADHD, and several other things related to his father’s Agent Orange exposure. Unfortunately, the medication that this requires tends to occasionally make him unstable emotionally and this will result in an inability to make reasonable judgement calls from time to time.

His first computer was a 4-kilobyte Color Computer from Radio Shack, which can be emulated using driver coco in MAME.